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*Heading towards 20,000 Active Users!* released the first international mobile application for Huntington's disease in 2011.  
We are pleased to have pioneered these efforts and thank you for your ongoing support!  "Help4HD" has
so many features packed into one mobile application, you can stay connected on the go!  
*CHDI - HSG - Lundbeck - Prana - HDBuzz - Dr. Goodman - Dr. Edmondson...and so much more!*

We wish to honor and highlight international JHD/HD organizations and amazing JHD/HD advocates!  An
all-in-one mobile application providing Education - Recourses - Information!

Download this free resource, or use your mobile phone's scan App to download it!  Have an idea?
Want to be added to the App? Send us your website and/or video link!  Email us
"I truly believe this app will benefit the community.  I am pleased to see so many international
organizations being added on a daily basis...I love reading the articles and the quiz...I like that it
offers a broad range of resources and many different things for our community! "

"This is one of the best things that's for our people.  I'm not a spring chicken but I know how to use
my iPhone and app's...I use it all the time and use it with my friends at support group every month!  
Keep up the great work!"
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